Gum 1 - VdB 93 section of IC2177                     

           The Head of the Seagull Nebula

Image Credit: Fred Calvert / Adam Block / KPNO /AURA / NSF

Taken December 14, 2004 @ Kitt Peak National Observatory

Information about this image:

IC2177 The Seagull Nebula is a emission nebula located at the border of Canis Major and Monoceros. One of the prominent features of the nebula is the Head of the Seagull pictured above. IC2177 is believed to be a Super Nova Remnant that is some 840,000 years old. This image was taken over two night. Luminance data courtesy of Bill Uminski and Cyndi Kristopeit

The image at the top this page was featured in the Reader Gallery of the February 2006 issue of Astronomy Magazine on page 104.

VAN DEN BERGH 93 in Monoceros the Unicorn is a bright nebula where curtains of gas and dust dramatically open to reveal the inner region of this star-forming area. SAO-152320 is the bright star at center. VdB 93 is a portion of the much larger GUM 1 Nebula and lies 4,000 light-years away. (Astronomy Magazine)

The data for this images was taken over two night, myself taking the RGB Color data and Bill Uminski and Cyndi Kristopeit capturing the Luminance data.


                        The image below shows the full nebula with the head in the upper left.

                        Wide Field Image:   Adam Block / NOAO / AURA / NSF 


20" RC Optics Telescope on a Paramount ME Mount  SBIG ST10XME / CFW8 Color Filter Wheel

Exposure Data: LRGB

Luminance = 100 minutes  binned 1 X 1 Red = 20 minutes binned  2 X 2 Green = 20 minutes binned  2 X 2 Blue = 20 minutes binned   2 X 2


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