Images taken at Kitt Peak National Observatory  December 12, 13, 14  2004

Image Credits: Fred Calvert / Adam Block / NOAO / AURA / KPNO / NSF


                    Comet Machholz                             Witch Head Nebula                  Cone & Christmas Tree Nebula   


                        NGC 2403                               Perseus Double Cluster                                  NGC 613


                           Gum 1 (vdB93 section of IC2177)         Wide Field Image M42 Orion Nebula


                                                            NGC 2359 Thor's Helmet

Images Processing Software

MaxIm DL 4, Mira Pro AP, CCD Sharp, SigmaReject Combine (RC Astro), Anti Bloom Filter & Adobe Photoshop CS2

Wide Field Images Taken with a Televue 76 and Televue Field Reducer

 Equipment Used to Take These Images


               RC Optics 20" Richey Chretien Telescope                                   SBIG ST10XME CCD Camera & AO7


     Collecting Flats on the RC 20" Televue 76 attached.                 Televue 76 on LX200 16" used first night on wide fields


        Li'L Dome housing the Mead 16" LX200 between the BIG DOMES


                       Me in the Li'L Dome on night one                                           Sunrise on the McMath Pierce Solar Telescope


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